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This section recommends some specialized dictionaries and glossaries, associations of translators and interpreters, articles on translation and interpretation, miscellaneous resources, and Peter’s other personal Web sites. (See more)


It is uncommon for translators/interpreters to specialize very much in the developing world, because of the nature of that market. However, Peter's work has centred primarily on three closely-related fields: (1) energy, (2) environment and (3) socioeconomic development.

He has also worked extensively in various cross-cutting areas that are shared by these three fields, including administrative, financial and legal matters; information & communication technologies (ICTs); and health, safety & security. (See more)


Your translations should read as if they had been written originally in the target language. Translation services also include localization and correction, and use cutting-edge technology. Languages other than Spanish and English are available. (See more)


While the outcome of translation is written text, interpretation is done verbally. An interpreter conveys not only the content of speech, but also the style and tone, taking into account cultural and linguistic nuances. (See more)


Peter C. Newton-Evans has over 20 years of experience offering a large range of cutting-edge linguistic solutions between English and Spanish. His fields of specialization include environment, energy & non-renewable resources, and socioeconomic development, plus their respective legal, financial and administrative facets. As such, Peter has worked in South, Central and North America, the Caribbean, Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Asia.