It is uncommon for translators/interpreters to specialize very much in the developing world, because of the nature of the market. However, Peter’s work has centered primarily on three closely-related fields: (1) energy, (2) environment and (3) socioeconomic development; as well as various cross-cutting areas that are shared by all three.

Oil & Energy:

International and national energy agencies, state-owned and private energy–related enterprises, and many of their suppliers and consultants, power and gas companies in Latin America and the USA, including alternative energy businesses.


International and cooperation agencies, national ministries and secretariats, environmental and ecological foundations and corporations, municipalities, and many other smaller organizations, programs and projects.

Socioeconomic Development:

Several agencies of the United Nations system; local, national and international socioeconomic development agencies, foundations, govern­mental and non-governmental organizations.


Various topics are involved in all of the above fields, such as their administrative, financial and legal aspects; the information & communication technologies (ICTs); and health, safety and security.